Willow, hazel and soft structures Willow, hazel and soft structures

Using willow, hazel and other non prepared natural materials to make or make in part structures for the garden is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Living willow domes for kids to hide in, tunnels to run through and dry Christmas tree structures to be later recycled into bean or sweet pea climbing frames […]

Personalised garden coaching Personalised garden coaching

We are committed to a hands-on approach as there is no better way to understand and cultivate a space. We also think that this is the best way anyone can get to know plants and develop a relationship with them as contextualised by their own garden. It’s kind of like finding the right slipper for the […]

Developing and running workshops Developing and running workshops

Schools and community centred learning groups can also have a package designed to suit them individually including a run of workshops. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you!  Most recently we ran seed sowing workshops for ‘Stay and play’ at Cypress School, and the Child minders group at Kensington Rd, Norbury […]

Garden Design and planning Garden Design and planning

Through consultation, Sarah Newton Garden Design defines your brief to develop the best plan of action. We all put our thinking caps on and talk about the requirements and make notes. Good place to start.  An initial plan/ design to help visualise and discipline the project is advisable. Works can be delivered in stages to achieve a […]

Garden restoration, planting and maintenance Garden restoration, planting and maintenance

General maintenance requirements can also be looked after. We want to make sure your garden gets the care and attention it deserves to stay happy and healthy which means feeding, top dressing, pruning, and tickling etc. We maintain gardens for landlords letting their properties to tenants, for families, senior citizens and working professionals to achieve and upkeep […]

Making creative environments Making creative environments

The outdoor room. The garden. It can be an alchemists mix up of mud and magic with hidden places for childs play, a nook to read, cook, grow, experiment, build, eat, create. It can be a place to dream, to recharge. What would be your dream garden?


Plants for places and people/ don’t dig there that’s where the cat is buried

Plants for places and people/ don’t dig there that’s where the cat is buried

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I find it fascinating and heartening how frequently people hold garden plants dear to friends/family/dear departed pets. I really like the fact that in our busy lives, folk still manage to make a ‘soul space’ for their special plants and are fondly reminded of their kin by them. Sometimes the plants are stand out prize […]

Seed saving for the future

Seed saving for the future

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They are all sorts of crazy shapes and sizes those seeds and spores. Of course some plant reproduction is possible without them – by grafting tissue onto recipient stock plants, or splitting perennials, dividing roots, taking cutting and even microscopic tissue culture, but nothing gets away from the fact that seeds and spores were where […]

Seed swapping

Seed swapping

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There is something quite exciting about a packet of seeds, or a treasured seed collection in a biscuit tin. I think it is the sense of promise, latent energy that might just come up like the proverbial magic bean. Do you swap seeds? I have a habit for buying and swapping seeds to be fair. […]



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Home Fish tanks aren’t what I remember them to be – a few lonely fish swimming around the fake rock tower, with a hint of algae in the background and maybe a snail for luck. As a family we have been visiting fish and aquarium centres and aquariums since the arrival of our daughter Isabelle […]

Seed bombs

Seed bombs

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Yes I can see leaves – and no that is NOT a weird animal poo. It is a seed bomb! Thankyou to Mrs Short, Mrs Chapman and all at Little Cypress  – Nursery and Rainbows for your enthusiastic soily and wild seed exploration, excitement, squidgings, squishings, makings into all sorts of shapes and throwings into […]

Soil. Beautiful Soil

Soil. Beautiful Soil

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Ok. So I don’t mind getting a bit grubby in the garden; in fact I quite like it, but what is this soil stuff we tread on/in/generally take for granted? Have you ever stopped to think about what it is made from? Grab a handful of yours and if you have any small people in […]


See me chatting to Chris Collins on BBC Gardeners' World


“Sarah was hired to develop a conceptual design for my garden which included utilising the space on (and under) a mound at the rear end. I found her to be very enthusiastic, punctual and nature loving, with an in depth knowledge and interest in plants, soil, garden design and it’s influence, not only on us but also, on birds, bees and insects.

She carried out a survey, showed good understanding of our own needs and likes. She provided conceptual design on time. The design was practical and innovative”

- Anil Deshpande / CEO at Foresight Group

“Sarah is a fantastic gardener with the rare benefit of being able to teach her clients in a friendly and informative manner about their garden and plants. Her design skills are fantastic and clients are consulted about every step of process so that they are left with a lovely, manageable, on brief garden that feels like their own from day one.

Sarah has an extensive knowledge of all things horticultural and a thirst for learning so she is always up to date with trends, whether for organic home grown produce, green roofs, heritage plants or bee keeping.

If you are looking to re-vamp your garden then i can highly recommend Sarah, she won’t disappoint.”

- Karen Scarles / Owner of Creative Independence

“Sarah has a passion and creativity for her work that I really admire. Clients to whom we have recommended Sarah have always been extremely happy with the service she provides; a thorough consultation where she offers expert advice but also listens to the needs of her clients right through to the end result.

She really pays attention to the details, with Sarah nothing is overlooked and her enthusiasm is definitely contagious.”

- Lisa Collins / Owner of Prestigious Trees Ltd